Jamison Nagar, VNK Road, near Uppalapau Village, Narasaraopet, A.P. India


"Knowledge is power.​

Information is liberating.​

Education is the premise of progress,​

in every society,​

in every family."

- Kofi Annan -
Past Secretary General of the United Nations

        The Indian Christian School exists to help children gain the knowledge that will guide them to true success, true freedom, and the true riches of life. Each of these is determined, not by society's standard, but by the mind of the individual and how it has been educated.

        Our curriculum of study will inspire your child to strive for excellence, equip him or her to handle the inevitable challenges of life, and prepare him or her to take full advantage of opportunities for self improvement as they are encountered. 

        If your child becomes a student at the Indian Christian School, he or she will enjoy learning in one of the newest, most beautifully furnished, and air-conditioned educational facilities available in the area.

        If you believe your child would benefit from a quality education and would like to know more about how he or she can become a student at the Indian Christian School, simply go to the "contact" link above and send us a message.  We will reply promptly and provide you with more information.

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